5 Issues Aqua-Yield Combats in the Quest for Healthier Food

5 Issues Aqua-Yield Combats in the Quest for Healthier Food

By Peter Dalsyme

Why are Americans getting heavier, experiencing more chronic and life-threatening diseases, and ultimately becoming unhealthier than generations past when there seems to be such a focus on “healthy” foods? The surge of diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and numerous forms of cancers have been increasing since the 1950s, right on the tail-end of the Industrial Revolution which made sedentary lifestyles the norm. Still, those old-fashioned diets of meat and potatoes seemed to serve our ancestors well—what are we doing wrong?

 Junk food aside, perhaps our “healthy” food isn’t as good for us as we think and it’s not nearly as accessible as we need. It’s time a holistic and comprehensive approach to making our food safer was taken, and that starts at the source: Our farms. Aqua-Yield is an agri-businesses made up of farmers for farmers. Even though it was only founded three years ago, great strides in the farming technology sector has been made.

Here are just a few issues Aqua-Yield tackles in the quest for healthier food:

1. Minimizing the effects of climate change. We might not be able to fix climate change in one fell swoop, but small efforts add up. Climate change has led to more unhealthy crops, which means less quality volume of crop yields. Aqua-Yield balances the negative effects of climate change by increasing crop production via nanotechnology.