7 Eco-Friendly Companies Trying to Save the World

By Drew Hendricks

Supporting eco-friendly companies is one of the best, easiest, and often most affordable ways to help save the world in 2017. And, more consumers and businesses are seeking to support companies and brands that are socially conscious, offering solutions that can assist with different social issues that impact our society. Milennials especially are focusing on companies that are giving back or contributing to the health of our environment. With so many brands competing for your attention, it may be difficult to figure out which ones are focused on social needs rather than profits. Need help figuring out which companies are doing the most impactful work? Wondering if saving the world equates to consumers spending a lot more? Take a look at this list of do-gooder, innovative companies that have set out to change the world. With your help, they just might succeed.

  1. OAT’s Biodegradable Sneakers: Wish you could do more than donate your old sneakers? OAT, founded in Amsterdam, combines craftsmanship with eco-friendly materials and approaches that are helping the earth one step (or hop, or run) at a time. Their biodegradable sneakers grow flowers when planted–so do their bags, leather loafers and baby shoes. Use them as a planter when you’ve worn them out, and watch the sneakers slowly release back to the earth while a garden blossoms above them.
  2. Aqua-Yield: You might be supporting an Aqua-Yield farm and not even know it. Proof that great things can come in small packages, Aqua-Yield is a tiny device that delivers liquid nutritional particles directly to plants on a cellular level. Faster and natural seed germination, better soil, and less wasted water means healthier produce and lower agricultural costs.

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