About Us


Aqua-Yield™ is a technology company that Aquamizes™ fertilizer and crop nutriton specifically suited for the agriculture industry.


Company Background

Aqua-Yield™ is making more than an initial splash in the US agricultural industry. The company literally invented a process using the “smallest innovation” in the agriculture industry, with its patented Aqua-Yield™ Process and Nano-Shield technology.

Aqua-Yield™ was founded and funded by farmers for farmers. Aqua-Yield™ has a deep commitment to the grower and to the crops that we serve. In addition to the crops and growers that we serve, all of us at Aqua-Yield™ are stewards to the environment and know that the Aqua-Yield™ technology will aid in the worldwide pressures we face.


• Instant cellular access to the plant
• A higher germination and vegetative establishment rate
• Soil nutrient rebuilding and maximization
• Dramatic volume reduction of fertilization

Award Winning Company

On top of Aqua-Yield™ being awarded our patented process and technology we also have won multiple awards for engtrepreneurial innovation and environmental stewardship.

On a local level, in the state of Utah, in 2015, Aqua-Yield™ won the Best of State Environmental Science award AND the won the Miller Innovation Award for being the most innovative company in the state. In 2016, Aqua-Yield™ once more won the Best of State Environmental Science award!