Aqua-Yield™ Names Director of Agronomy

Dave Dickson of Gilbert, AZ tagged for management position


Aqua-Yield, the nation’s leading innovator in agricultural nanotechnology, today announced the expansion of its already impressive staff. Dave Dickson of Gilbert, Arizona has been named Director of Agronomy.

The Aqua-Yield unique process and technology delivers liquid particles efficiently on the cellular level.  This is known as nanotechnology.  Because of this incredible technology, the Aquamized™ nutrition leads to a drastic increase in seed germination and vegetative establishment. Ultimately, the Aqua-Yield process has a direct result of less material put out and less waste making the farm more environmentally friendly.

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New Ideas and Big Impacts: Startups Changing the World

By Jordan Kasteler

As the saying goes, big things come in small packages. This is especially true for startup companies. These budding businesses sometimes revolutionize their industries, all with forward thinking and big ideas. Some of the most impressive new companies made waves recently, and with their innovation, it’s easy to see why these are the startups changing the world.

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Welcome to Aqua-Yield: A message from co-founder & CEO Clark T. Bell

As the CEO of Aqua-Yield™ I want to thank you for visiting our newly updated website. Many hands and hours went into making this website and we hope it serves the purposes of the grower.

I would like to take this time to invite you to view our powerful customer testimonial and to look over our savings calculators. The calculator is a reference for each farm to see the amount of fertilizer (examples given by with Phosphorous and Zinc) savings that can occur upon the use Aquamized™ materials and the delivery of the Nano-Shield™.

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