Welcome to Aqua-Yield: A message from co-founder & CEO Clark T. Bell

As the CEO of Aqua-Yield™ I want to thank you for visiting our newly updated website. Many hands and hours went into making this website and we hope it serves the purposes of the grower.

I would like to take this time to invite you to view our powerful customer testimonial and to look over our savings calculators. The calculator is a reference for each farm to see the amount of fertilizer (examples given by with Phosphorous and Zinc) savings that can occur upon the use Aquamized™ materials and the delivery of the Nano-Shield™.

In addition, if you would like to learn more about our technology you can visit the page to view our Infographics. Nanotechnology and our process can be difficult to grasp, we believe these Infographics will help you understand our technology better.

The purpose of our blog will be to educate and update the general public and our customer base. When we have new innovations with our technology, have great new data-sets and when we add more great people to our team you will be able to read about it on the blog.

Aqua-Yield has a commitment to solve for the crop, the customer and the community.  We call this SFTC3.

As leaders, we start with these three functions and work backwards. We work tirelessly to fix the issues our customers face and the questions they may have.

Although other companies pay attention to competitors, we obsess over crops, community and customers.

Aqua-Yield’s mission is to preserve and nurture these crops to safety. We believe our communities deserve clean and reliable technology. Aqua-Yield will deliver solutions to preserve their viability.

Thank you again for visiting our website.  You can contact us anytime if you have any questions at 801-449-9220 or email us at info@aquayield.com.

All of the Aqua-Yield team is committed to the farmers success and we appreciate the support and interest you have all shown us since we started in 2014.


Clark T. Bell