Aqua-Yield to Showcase How Less Really can be More in Modern Agriculture – Ag 4.0

It has been confirmed that the innovative nanotechnology solution provider, Aqua-Yield®, will be adding their deep knowledge and understanding of US agriculture to the proceedings of Agriculture 4.0 to help tackle the most pressing issues facing the stability and security of the industry.

Nanotechnology is a rapidly growing sector, with more and more stakeholders from throughout the agricultural supply-chain increasing their engagement with the field. What is driving this is not only being able to control practices and farming variables on the ‘nano’-scale, but also the promise of improved operational efficiencies and effectivity through innovative technological solutions.

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Massive Innovation is Almost Invisible – Utah Farm Bureau

Innovation on a small scale is rarely viewed as impressively in today’s world of “bigger is better”. Yet, a small start-up company in Utah is developing a process for delivering nutrients to plants that has the potential for a monumental impact in how farmers grow food for a hungry planet.

Sometimes called the world first environmentalists, farmers have always been concerned with being efficient and producing more while reducing their inputs, costs, and impact on the environment. According to German chemical company BASF, the world population doubled between 1970-2010, and yet farmland is decreasing in the United States. In fact, an extra 2.5 billion people will inhabit the earth by the year 2050, requiring farmers to grow 70 percent more food than is currently being grown.

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AquaYield co-founder named to Utah Business Magazine 40 Under 40 – Utah Business & Vegetable Grower News

Utah Business Magazine recently named AquaYield CEO and co-founder Clark T. Bell as one of its “40 Under 40.” The annual Forty Under 40 program honors Utah’s up-and-coming professionals rising through the ranks at record speed.

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Clark Bell, Aqua-Yield – 2018 Forty Under 40

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AquaYield co-founder named to Utah Business Magazine 40 Under 40


AquaYield Named to StartupGrind’s 2018 Global Startup Exhibition – AgriBusiness Global

AquaYield has been named to Startup Grind’s 2018 Class of Exhibiting Startups. From an original consideration list of over 7,000 companies, The Startup Exhibition ultimately recognizes 130 companies handpicked from 115 countries and 400 cities around the world.

The placement puts AquaYield in an elite group of companies and CEO Clark Bell recognizes the unique privileges of being named. “Our selection to this list from 7,000 other startups speaks volumes to the unique offering we bring to farmers on a global level in our ongoing focus and goal to help them all become more sustainable and profitable.”

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AquaYield Named to StartupGrind’s 2018 Global Startup Exhibition

When it Comes to Fertilizer Going Small Delivers Big Results – AgriBusiness Global

Yes, fertilizer. At least that’s the philosophy behind a process developed by Aqua-Yield the company calls Aquamization, which takes purified water and combines it with nanoparticles that are fused with fertilizer molecules. Put simply, the particles are so small they can easily and more efficiently enter a plant through the roots or leaf tissue, allowing growers to use less while increasing the impact they have on a crop.

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When it Comes to Fertilizer Going Small Delivers Big Results

“Aqua-Yield Named One of the “Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America” – Growing America

In yet another testament to the company’s guiding overall spirit, Entrepreneur Magazine has named Aqua-Yield to its 2017 Entrepreneurial 360 List. Aqua-Yield is the only Utah agricultural-based company to appear on the nationwide list and comes in at an impressive #100 overall.

“We are absolutely thrilled and honored to be named on this list,” says Aqua-Yield CEO and co-founder Clark Bell. “The true spirit of entrepreneurism runs through our bloodlines and was the basis for us taking the initial idea that nanotechnology could be a disrupting force in agriculture around the world. From our investors, to our board and through every Aqua-Yield employee, the true idea of entrepreneurism is and will always be a basis for our growth and commitment to our technology and every one of Aqua-Yield’s products.”

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Aqua-Yield Introduces NanoPhos – CropLife


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Aqua-Yield introduces Nano-Pro herbicide adjuvant – Vegetable Grower News

“Nano-Pro is different from other herbicide adjuvants because it contains an aquamized formulation to more effectively deliver herbicide to plant cells through Aqua-Yield’s proprietary Nano-Shield delivery system.” Bell said. “Our testing/data indicates that with Nano-Pro, farmers will see a faster kill of weeds and a higher kill on tougher weeds.  Our propriety and patented nano-formulation promotes cellular access to weeds and Nano-Pro™ can be used in combination with other great herbicide products.”

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Aqua-Yield Introduces New Herbicide Adjuvant – Croplife

At only 4 oz./acre application rate, Aqua-Yield has introduced the industry game-changer, Nano-Pro. In university and field testing, Nano-Pro was added to herbicide treatments and showed a consistent increase in weed kill. Data shows that weed kill efficacy improved an average of 29%.

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Aqua-Yield Wins Award for Environmental Practices – AgPro


Aqua-Yield has been named a “Green Award Winner” for its innovative efforts in environmental practices. The official announcement was made in Salt Lake City on October 19.

The Utah Business Magazine award honors and recognizes companies, communities and individuals who are making strides in environmental sustainability.

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