Mitchell Named Director of Sales

Mitchell to oversee growing and dynamic sales force

Draper, UT —In a move to solidify its national and international salesforce, Aqua-Yield today names Mark Mitchell as it Director of Sales. Mitchell joined the company in October of 2016 as a regional sales manager and quickly committed to growing Aqua-Yield’s nationwide sales presence.

Clark T. Bell, Aqua-Yield CEO stated; “Since his first day on the job, Mark Mitchell has shown a complete and wholehearted dedication to our growing client base, the company and our products. He is has demonstrated full dedication to each individual client and we simply cannot think of a better person to lead our sales forces and we expand both nationally and internationally.”

Aqua-Yield ( is the world’s leading innovator in agricultural nanotechnology, with over 100 patent protected fertilizer delivery systems and products. The company proudly refers to its proprietary system as “The smallest innovation in agriculture history.”

Mr. Mitchell commented on what this appointment means to him and the company. “Everyone at Aqua-Yield has worked hard to build the company into what it is today. I am very blessed and honored that Clark, Warren, and Mike have the faith in me to lead the Aqua-Yield sales team. I’ve worked extremely hard in life to get where I am today and I feel like everything I’ve endured to get here now has validation. Aqua Yield is really in its infancy at this point. Granted we have done very well in Citrus in Florida…and we have done well in sod as well, but the full potential of Aqua Yield in the Agriculture industry is un limited. I intend to maximize our vision and reach.”

“We have a technology unlike any the Agricultural world has ever seen and I will make sure that not only U.S. growers know who we are and what we do…but the rest of the World as well.” He continued, “I want to make sure that every grower has access to Aqua Yield. We are all totally committed to helping growers reduce input costs and gain better yields. We are truly a company that works for the grower.

Aqua-Yield has already broken the country into sales regions, with manager overusing each one. Under Mr. Mitchell the company is confident in what it sees as “exponential sales” and believe they are currently at the proverbial tip of the sales iceberg. The ultimate goal for Aqua-Yield — to be on and service every farm in America.

Aqua-Yield™ is a rapidly-growing sustainable fertilizer technology company. Co-founded in 2014, Aqua-Yield has introduced the “smallest innovation in agricultural history”. Aqua-Yield’s technologies deliver materials directly to the plant’s cells leading to a much higher overall efficiency. Aqua-Yield’s process introduces liquid nanotechnology to agriculture leading to significant advantages for the grower. Results of the company’s unique technologies include; higher yields, lower cost inputs, shorter crop cycles, less environmental impact and an increase in nutrient impact.

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